In 1991, P.T. HUME CONCRETE INDONESIA established Head Office and PC Spun Pile Factory, started commercial production in 1992.

With Nippon Hume Corporation concrete spun pile construction technology since 1962, P.T. HUME CONCRETE INDONESIA literally form the foundation for many industrial structure, multi story building and infrastructure projects.

Pile installation division set-up in 1994 to observe piling work in technical and smooth implementation work at site to gained a highest quality and time foundation work.

In 1996, Construction Material Division established its factory, producing cement non-shrink grout (brand name: HUMEX FIVE STAR) under license by International Construction Products Research Co., ltd. in USA (ICPR), fire proofing material (brand name: MANDOVAL) under license by Mandoval Coating ltd., in UK and other cement premix construction material.

Throughout the year of experiences in foundation work brought us to develop a product of cement based stabilizing agent for soil stabilization material to replace weak soil achieve the target strength, the division set-up in 1999.

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