Civil Engineering

The Project Construction Division primarily engages in civil engineering projects - which account for the majority of the Company's construction work - centered on bridge construction, utilizing the pre-stressed concrete (PC) technology developed by the Company since its foundation. Also, the Company has constructed a wide variety of structures, ranging from piers, ports, to waterworks facilities. In recent years, as the Company has been focusing on repair and reinforcement work, it intends to proactively develop marketing activities in this business area, where demand is expected to grow in the years ahead. In March 2003, the Company won orders from a consortium led by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. for right-of-way roadbed slabs used for the Taiwan High-Speed Rail Line, which is to be launched in 2005. We will ship 40,000 roadbed slabs for the fourth phase of the five phase railway work from our two plants (which have been already constructed) in Changhua in the central part of Taiwan. The plants are designed to produce roadbed slabs of the same quality as those made in Japan, under the strict guidance and supervision of the Company's technical staff.

Building Construction

The building construction section specializes in office buildings, plants and warehouses, utilizing proprietary PC technology that enables creation of expansive, open spaces, and therefore offers more efficient and functional buildings. Utilizing high-quality precast components manufactured at our plants, we can construct buildings that feature longer life, high durability despite in a shorter term of work completion, while curbing noises during work, lessening the necessity to restrict traffic, and decreasing generation of industrial waste. In the years ahead, the Company will proactively solicit orders in the market field where skeleton-infill are needed, by utilizing precast PC in foundation structures as a contribution to the environment. Due to its excellent earthquake-proof construction, the PC technology is increasingly used to reinforce existing buildings foundations.

Products and Merchandise Division

The Products and Merchandise Division is tasked to manufacture and market a wide variety of concrete products made through the application of the PC technology. The typical product is the railroad tie, which the Company has been producing for a long time. Among other products that utilize the advantages of PC technology are construction components such as pillars, beams, floors, parts for civil engineering (including PC girders) and soundproof walls. The Company manufactures high-quality PC materials at its seven plants nationwide.

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